Inspirational Fortune Cookie Messages on T-Shirts

Fortune Cookie Wisdom's graphic tees feature inspirational messages--fresh out of a fortune cookie, printed on high-quality, super-soft shirts. The eye-catching printed graphic design makes the fortune look 3-D! 

Humbled by the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, we created an easy way for people to share inspiration + style. Fun quotes provide positive motivation for teens, college students, and folks making a fresh start, creating their own path, or searching for inspiration. Cool tees make hot gifts!


Your life will be happy and peaceful.

July 02, 2015

I am a deeply positive person (not to be confused with perky). My glass is more than half full—my cup runneth over. In most any troubling situation, I quickly look for the silver lining. Even when I feel hopeless, I give myself a short period of time to stomp and whinge and thrash about before my brain takes over, and I start to think about possible solutions to my situation.

“Your life will be happy and peaceful” is one of my favorite fortune cookie messages. I have it pasted over my desk in my office so I see it all the time. My younger, more cynical self would probably have scoffed at this saying. And, in fact, my life has not always been happy and peaceful. Often, it is a paradox, with joy and despair taking up roost next to each other. Last week, for example, our joy at the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality was tempered by our despair as victims of the Charleston massacre were laid to rest.

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