Inspirational Fortune Cookie Messages on T-Shirts

Fortune Cookie Wisdom's graphic tees feature inspirational messages--fresh out of a fortune cookie, printed on high-quality, super-soft shirts. The eye-catching printed graphic design makes the fortune look 3-D! 

Humbled by the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, we created an easy way for people to share inspiration + style. Fun quotes provide positive motivation for teens, college students, and folks making a fresh start, creating their own path, or searching for inspiration. Cool tees make hot gifts!


Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.

March 17, 2015

Many people—especially women—get in their own way by selling themselves short. We decide that we don’t have the exact skills or experience required for the job, so we don’t even apply. Or we listen to other people who tell us that the job will be too big, too hard, too male, too white, or too all-consuming, even if it’s exactly what we want to be doing. As soon as we start comparing ourselves to others, our confidence slips away. Our old friend Doubt takes up residence in our souls.

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