Inspirational Fortune Cookie Messages on T-Shirts

Fortune Cookie Wisdom's graphic tees feature inspirational messages--fresh out of a fortune cookie, printed on high-quality, super-soft shirts. The eye-catching printed graphic design makes the fortune look 3-D! 

Humbled by the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, we created an easy way for people to share inspiration + style. Fun quotes provide positive motivation for teens, college students, and folks making a fresh start, creating their own path, or searching for inspiration. Cool tees make hot gifts!


Be a first rate version of yourself.

February 23, 2015

It’s rough out there. I get it. Standing out in a crowded field—whether you are starting an online business, producing new media, or writing a college application essay—takes creativity and courage and authenticity.

These are the precise talents that disappear the instant you start looking around and comparing yourself to others. How do you measure up? If you come up short in your estimation, you will start to second-guess yourself. You may decide to stop what you’re doing—just give up to save yourself the embarrassment of failure. 

But who decides the criteria for success?

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